Welcome to Tarneit Smiles dental clinic, one of the premier Dental Practices. Here at Tarneit Smiles , you are our focus of our attention. A genuine, friendly and professional team await you.

Our experienced and friendly general dental team provide care and service for all dental needs. There is a wide range of treatment and services provided.We offer comprehensive consultations, making sure we carefully explain all options for your particular condition so you can make an educated decision.

The latest treatment technologies and equipment are used to ensure that you will receive high quality treatment and excellent care.

After your treatment, the service does not stop there – we provide information and medication (if required) to ensure ongoing comfort at home. If you have any questions or problems our dentists are available to help you with any concerns you may have


Ensurethat you and your family members get a regular dental check up . In fact, family dental care involves not only a standard check up but also simple treatment procedures and preventive dentistry. These are the basic issues that will in future be hard to treat if left un noticed.Visit our Tarneit Smiles’ dentist in Tarneit. He has the knowledge and expertise to deal with issues related to oral hygiene and dental health concerning family dental care problems.

Tarneit Smiles have expertise in children’s dentistry and interact with kids to take care for their baby teeth and permanent teeth. In fact, these salient features go a long way before selecting dentists who are able to handle the needs of infants, children and teens. On the contrary, parents can be assured that their kids receive the best in paediatric dental care from our children’s dentist.

Often, people are mistaken that cosmetic dentistry is a complicated process but the truth is the process requires minimal effort. Ideally speaking, the treatments used are safe, easy and cause no side effects if the work is done by a professional dentist. That is why you need to visit Tarneit Smiles for quality dental care.